Dyslexia Tutoring

Is your child struggling to learn how to read and spell? Engaging, individualized intensive instruction through structured online sessions is tailored to meet the needs of each student.

Academic Assessment

Do you wonder exactly what your child knows and is able to do? A thorough assessment of your child’s level of phonemic awareness, phonetic skills for both decoding and encoding (spelling), and reading fluency to guide instruction.

Educational Consultations

Do you need support navigating your child’s IEP? Review and interpret IEPs, tests, and reports with your child’s best interest in mind and to help clarify questions. Educational recommendations to help the student succeed in their current instructional setting,

Before lessons with Sara, my 3rd-grade son was self-conscious about his spelling and would go out of his way to avoid writing sentences longer than a few words. After six months with Miss Sara, he proudly overflows the lines on his schoolwork. A couple of months ago, after finishing some schoolwork, he told me “Knowing how to spell a lot of words puts me in a good mood.” Not only has his spelling improved significantly, but his confidence has as well. Sara keeps him engaged and interested with fun and focused lessons and provides excellent support and materials for my wife and me to help reinforce the lessons throughout the week. The progress reports she provides clearly lay out the skills that have been mastered, and what remains to work on.

Dyslexia Tutoring

Engaging individualized instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach to unlock the skills needed to learn how to read despite the challenges of dyslexia. An intensive, diagnostic, and prescriptive 45-minute session designed for your student with explicit and systematic phonics instruction for both reading, writing, and spelling.

A multisensory approach for effective, productive learning is especially effective for those diagnosed with dyslexia. One-on-one, structured Orton Gillingham sessions are provided online at the pace of the student as they progress through the four Layers of Brainspring’s Orton Gillingham-based Phonics First curriculum, which is one of the few accredited programs in the United States designed specifically for dyslexic and struggling readers. I also utilize Kilpatrick’s Equipped for Reading Success A Comprehensive, Step-By-Step Program for Developing Phonemic Awareness and Fluent Word Recognition for phonemic awareness skill development.

Full completion of the Phonics First curriculum takes 2-3 years of instruction. This option is ideal for students with a formal dyslexia diagnosis who have not responded well with traditional reading programs. Dyslexia therapy requires a long-term commitment by the student and family.


There is a direct link between assessments and intervention, and the first few sessions are dedicated to determining a clear baseline of skills and knowledge before beginning instruction. Outcomes direct the instructional approach or classroom accommodations a person needs to succeed in learning. My direct experience working with children with dyslexia provides expertise in evaluations or screenings for instructional interventions for dyslexia and other reading disabilities. As a California credentialed Education Instructional Specialist, I utilize a range of formal and informal educational assessments designed for ages four to adult.


Determining how to help their child be successful is one of the biggest challenges for parents. Education consulting can include educational recommendations to help the student succeed in their current instructional setting, partnering with parents to review and interpret IEPs, tests, and reports with your child’s best interest in mind, and helping clarify questions and strategies for working with children at home. Educational consulting is ideal for parents to find the tools they need to help their child succeed in their current educational setting. Parents will also be given strategies to help at home. Teachers can work with Caulfield Education to develop accommodations to help the child be more successful in the classroom.